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AssignByWeb® has announced they
will cease operations on December 31, 2009.

Switch today and we'll MATCH your current price** with AssignByWeb®
and import all your data with our no hassle transfer!


In addition to matching (or beating) your current price we will:

1.  Import and transfer all your data from your current system to our system*

2.  Notify all your users of the switch!

3.  Provide you with better, faster, and more reliability support for all users!

4.  Make working in multiple associations easier by using full cross-system interactions

5.  Guarantee more features, functionality, and user interaction!!

6.  Guarantee outstanding technical support for you and your users!



*when importing, we import your team names, location names, user names, user emails, user permissions, game fees, game types.
Imports can only be done if you data is/was backed up from AssignByWeb® prior to their closing, as all their systems have ceased operations.

**in order to match your AssignByWeb® price, you will need to provide a copy of your most recent AssignByWeb® invoice.
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