System Pricing

  • coaches, athletic directors & league personnel can be added to your system at no cost and are unlimited
  • minimum cost for a single system is $178.50 USD
  • system licenses are sold in groups of 5 licenses (officials)

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Price Level Subscription Term   Maximum Number Of Officials Cost Per Official
Mini 1 Year 1 - 49 $5.95  USD
Small 1 Year 50 - 99 $4.75  USD
Medium 1 Year 100 - 249 $3.55  USD
Large 1 Year 250 - 499 $2.95  USD
XL 1 Year 500 - 999 $2.65  USD
XXL 1 Year 1000 - 4999 $2.55  USD
XXXL 1 Year 5000+ Call For Quote
2 Year Term - Save 5%                    3 Year Term - Save 10%

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Frequent Pricing Questions

Can you explain your pricing structure?
If I remove someone from my system, can I reuse that license spot for someone new?
If I run out of licenses can I add more?
Do coaches and/or athletic directors take up licenses?
Are there any setup fees?
Are there any extra costs?
Is there a fee for additional schedulers?
Can I remove unused license from my system and get a refund?
If I buy licenses part way through the year are they pro-rated?
Are there any fees for technical support?
Do you show advertisements?

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